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Secure payment information

Tuition is due the first of the month. For your convenience we do accept cash, check and credit / debit cards and have auto-debit available. Tuition unpaid by the tenth of the month is subject to a late fee of $10. To reduce late fees, we will require credit cards on accounts which have been 15 days late more than three times.

Stay hydrated while dancing

We have a water cooler which is free for students and parents, but you must bring your own water bottle. We no longer offer plastic cups because people were wasting them and leaving them all over the studio.

FOOTNOTES - 2019-2020

M-m-m-myyyy Corona...

We are open for in-person classes and private lessons, dependent on your comfort level. We are observing safety protocols as mandated by the State of Illinois, but then we were always hygiene-conscious even before this started. Bring your own water bottles as the water cooler is currently off-limits. We will be back to (mostly) normal by Fall, hopefully. Until then we are playing it by ear.

Communication is essential!

Communication is essential! Check the website and Facebook often.


Welcome aboard for those starting new with us this year, and welcome back to those returning! Our guidebooks are available online, detailing studio policy and traditions, but you can always ask a staff member any question.

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Weedly Update

Location, location, location...

We have a great building with big, bright dance rooms,  a student lounge, a large, nice locker room, two large restrooms and soon a small shop offering spiritwear and dance shoes. The new address is 4114 N. Columbus Street on Ottawa's north side, next to Star Nails Salon.

The Verilife Marijuana Dispensary has seen an explosion of business since the legalization of recreational marijuana in January 2020. Unfortunately this means they have long waiting lines on the property near our studio. So far they have been respectful of our people and our space. They are not to be admitted to use the restrooms at any time, so help us enforce this firmly but politely.