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*The Best Atmosphere: Family Oriented
*The Best Opportunities: For every type of Dancer
*A Zero-Tolerance Policy toward negativity

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Dance at ODA

Dance as we teach it is a fusion of artistry with athleticism. It can be competitive and even team-oriented, but it still comes down to a studentís determination to master an art form, to make her body do what her mind commands, and make it look effortless. Thereís no way to speed up the process, no shortcuts, no cheats. Itís you and your shoes and the floor. Hard work and repetition, having fun and knowing the satisfaction of doing it the traditional way, knowing you did it by your own skill. The teacher/choreographerís job is to lend her experience and help the dancer perfect her technique by setting new challenges. But where some schools actively encourage pain and military-style discipline, we do not. Mastery is repetition and improvement, not humiliation and tears and dangerous body-image expectations. There has to be joy in dance, or it shows in the quality of the dancing. Ultimately, you get out of dance what you put in, and we are here to help you succeed!

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